Move in a New Way Each Day

I fought this morning for an extra bite of time to take a leisurely walk before a day’s work sitting at the computer. My morning routine has been a lifesaver, truly the best part of any aspect of the day over the years, it has morphed into a combination of oil pulling, morning pages, yoga nidra, create radiance yoga (rooted in somatic yoga & feldenkrais), feel good energy routine, water with lemon, dry drush + cold shower, water splash. I sound like a mermaid, but seriously this morning routine gives the body a boost and a “glow” all the day long. My boyfriend who is finishing his PhD in mech engineering has like the strongest back in the world. That’s after 25 years or so of school (7 or so post-grad) and working a ton pouring his brain out on to the screen. If you think about it, when you’re working, do you place your brain over your pelvis and are you mindful to keep your facial muscles relaxed? (I don’t know about you, but I can get sucked in, especially if I’m trying to get something finished to what that is, not the needs of my body to stay aligned) Without regards to his workout routine, which spells out: commitment, I consider years prior versus now and how I’m integrating years of movement training and practice into days that are becoming more sweetly rich, with less pain & intensity.images-2 Despite an insane dedication to my yoga practice, it’s the times in between, when there are just a few minutes once or twice a day, that practice becomes more refined and wisdom pours through as a result of taking time to be in the body. Being at the airport and having the personal integrity to stretch when everyone may be looking, or come home with tons you could do, and turn the music on, for just one song and dance, or to squat a little before you know you may be sitting, or to lift your arms over your head and stretch side to side when you are sitting or standing up next to your desk. My movement prefs involve pretty much walking, pretending like I am swimming (I can’t handle chlorine unfortunately, but have been an avid swimmer, so like to imagine flowing in water anyhow!), dancing and stretching. I’ll take any chance to crawl or roll around on the floor too, since learning from the practices of NIA or Breema that the body needs what we got in infancy, and in all stages of the life cycle. How do you like to move? Do you notice your posture or movement patterns? Are there ways you make yourself move, such as to go for a run, and does that help you feel better? Do you prefer to stretch or do you not stretch because it hurts? However, it is all amazing, how each of us moves so uniquely in these bodies that are not the same other than through the physiology of the whole of us! Moving in a new way each day takes accepting:

  • we all need different varieties of movement to create balance
  • the body is different every day
  • well-being is intrinsic
  • it takes time to develop the skills to relax into the body
  • my goal is to move with the natural rhythms of the earth (some people may want to move a whole lot faster!!!)

I was like the perfect yogi throughout my 20’s. Then, without a practice there was plenty of grief, and getting back into my essential body (not from a kickass workout routine, however) has taken more dedication to exploring the inner landscape of bones and musculature than anything I have ever done. One thing I have learned is that relaxing again, in the body:

  • brings memory back from trauma (as memory is stored in the connective tissue, or the fascia)
  • helps to stay present when connecting with others
  • deepens any and all relationships, and any and all commitments
  • desensitizes you to things that don’t matter, and repatterns your brain to attract what you need.

Sometimes what we need to accept how we are moving through space is a simple shift in thought. Others times it’s a hug. And most of the time, a good bit of imagination and lots of practice. One of my favorite quotes which I used to use when people were in legs up the wall pose, or just truly deepening into their mind after a luxurious yoga class:

This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you. –Hafiz

Resources for movement that have been excellent go-to’s over the years (not paid or affiliate links) to use as a reference in exploring movement, improving posture, etc include:

  • – great for vinyasa, yin & restorative classes (a few of my friends teach for yogaglo)
  • – the best for therapeutic and slower yoga. i’m a fan of yoga in the UK, as they seem to understand the science of movement beyond the ego, some teachers in US teach more from their experience of empowerment.
  • – i ❤ basi pilates and these are phenomenal teachers, the setting is unbelievable in a studio overlooking cliffs in So Cal
  • – love for 10 min workouts! great ideas for new ways to move.
  • – feldenkrais, for when there is time, and the posture is in need. readable ways to truly unravel holding patterns.

I will offer you this, that it may guide you home in whichever way you feel inspired by today! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you are well in every way today.

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Love and blessings Waller